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3 Reason You Should Go Electric--Toothbrush That Is!

Cars aren't the only things going electric these days--in fact, electric toothbrushes have been around for even longer.

Yet so many people continue to use a manual toothbrush. While a manual toothbrush can certainly get the job done, there are a few reasons to consider going electric.

  1. The round-motion sweep of an electric toothbrush head is much more effective for cleaning your teeth and sweeping plaque or bacteria away. It's nearly impossible to recreate this quick, precise motion exactly with a manual brush.

  2. More so, this specific rotation is better at protecting your gum line from inflammation, meaning less recession and healthy, longer lasting teeth and gums.

  3. Lastly, manual toothbrushes don't include a timer. Electric toothbrushes will continue moving in your mouth for two minutes every time you use them, making sure you brush for the proper amount of time. Your teeth will certainly thank you!

What We Suggest

So many options, so little time! There are plenty of choices when it comes to electric toothbrushes, so if you're on the fence, we've got some recommendations for you.

Give the Oral B Genius or iO a try. These have compact brush heads, making them able to clean difficult, small and hard to reach spaces in your mouth. Also, the round brush head is oscillating to better sweep around your gum line unlike other toothbrushes.

Lastly, the 2-minute timer will ensure you brush your teeth for an adequate amount of time each morning and night. For those who like to 'gamify' things, the brushes have bluetooth capabilities to help monitor you brushing habits and let you track your improvement.

Want to Purchase a Toothbrush?

We can help! You can place an order through us for the best deal. Simply contact our practice and let us know if you'd like to give the Oral B Genius or iO a try.

We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.

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